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About the Leadership Committee

If you have leadership skills...deep down, you already know you are different:

Others recognize you as an effective leader.

You are a natural leader in most groups.

People seek your advice. They ask you to speak for them.

Your suggestions and ideas are embraced.

Interested in learning more about some of our successful people?

If you are interested in joining our business opportunities and charitable efforts throughout the world, please contact us and join one of our leadership briefings.

And if you know someone, someplace, who needs our help, please let us know.

The Leadership Committee is composed of some of the world's leading philanthropists, entrepreneurs and social and political leaders.

We take on business and charity projects.

If you want to help - and meet and work with some of the most successful and interesting people in the world - please contact us.

What are our creative leaders doing now?

What do we do? We provide experts and proven leaders to help you manage your project.

Through our network of leaders, we can bring the right leaders together to carry out some of the most difficult projects in the world.

We are working in Latin American to bring medical and maternity clinics to those in underdeveloped areas.

We are working to provide non-invasive breast cancer technology to women in under-developed areas throughout the world.

We are working to bring cell phones and the Internet to parts of Africa that do not have Internet or cell phone service.

We don't create leaders. We put leaders together.

Upcoming Meetings

We will be conducting briefings for those who are interested in charitable activities in Miami, Oakland, Washington, Paris, Quito and Moscow within the next few months.

Meetings regarding for-profit opportunities are scheduled for London, Istanbul, Washington, Cape Town  and Barcelona during the first half of 2018. 

What Should You Expect

Expect to meet people who want to find new partners, whether for charity projects and fundraising - or for profit-generating opportunities. These are people who have known each other over the years and have worked together on several projects, and people who are looking for their first opportunity.

Most have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Can we meet before I commit to attending a meeting?



Please call or use the contact form and we will try to find a convenient time and place to discuss things.

Thank you!

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The Leadership Committee

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Our Leadership

We were founded by three Americans, two Argentinians, two Frenchmen, two Russians, two South Africans, two Turks, a Columbian, an Englishman, an Equadorian, a Finn, a Korean and a Venezuelan.

Our president is Velma Anne Ruth of Washington.

Yes, we have a lot of "brain-power" in our membership!

You will be pleasantly surprised by how friendly we are!